Dead Light Studio Post

The Nightmare Sfx Makeup Look

Best Gifts For Sfx Makeup Artist

So you want to know the best gift for a sfx makeup artist. Not everything is at a budgeted price. Well in this handy little guide I’m going to show you ten special effects makeup gifts under $20 and some of them at the end you probably won’t even expect. 1) Scar Wax We are…

How To Make Fake Blood Capsules

How to make a fake blood capsule at home? What is a visual trick or special effects or maybe a Halloween prep that does not touch blood? Want to go the extra mile? Then use fake blood capsules. If you love to watch scenes with violence – you can’t reject that fake blood is the…

How To Make Edible Fake Blood Without Food Coloring at Home

So you want to know how to make edible fake blood at home without food coloring. Welcome back to Dead Light Studios. As you can tell this is the edible fake blood without food coloring. To make this recipe you will need the following. ketchup, water, flour a bowl and something to mix it up…

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